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Reasons to Shop Local

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Your sales tax dollars come back home.
Of your sales tax dollars, 2% on most goods sold comes back to Mount Prospect to help support public services like public safety (police and fire), street improvement and flood control, and various social and educational programs.

Local businesses donate generously to support your schools, sport teams and charity fundraisers.
Your children’s schools and sport teams, your family’s churches and charities depend heavily on local businesses for charitable donations of money, goods and services. And research has shown that small firms give an average of 2.5 times the amount per employee than do medium to large companies.

Shopping, dining and services are diverse, easy and close by. And parking is free.
If you’re already a big supporter of local businesses, you know this. But if you’re not, go out and explore the businesses in Mount Prospect. Guaranteed, you’ll discover something new and wonderful that you didn’t know existed.

More of the money you spend stays in our community.
Here’s an enlightening fact: a regional study showed that locally owned businesses spend 45% of their revenue in the surrounding area vs 14% that comes back to the local economy from national retailers. Yet another study supported the economic impact of dollars spent at independent businesses as 2-3 times that of spending at national chains. Those are pretty persuasive statistics.

The owners, managers and employees could be your neighbors.
Local businesses are often owned by people who live in Mount Prospect and often employ local residents. Therefore, they care deeply about the community. They want to contribute to its wellbeing, and the money they earn tends to come back into the community. In addition, resident or not, you will often find the owner right there managing the day-to-day business while working directly with customers. What’s more, because you’re shopping in your hometown, you bump into your friends and neighbors, and see friendly faces all around. Shopping, dining and doing errands become pleasant social activities that enhance your life.

It feels great to be important.
Every customer that comes through the door of a small business is important. Isn’t it nice to walk into a place and they know your name? Smaller businesses differentiate themselves with excellent service. They will take care of you in a way you’ll relish. Because hospitality is not a forgotten concept and neighborliness is status quo.