Business E-Newsletter Submission Rules

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The Business Deals E-newsletter is for Mount Prospect Businesses looking to promote a special, sale, or discount.

View complete rules in this printer-friendly document.

Businesses must be located in the Village of Mount Prospect and be in compliance with Village code of ordinances.

Submissions must:

  • Be “print ready” and free from errors
  • Contain basic information about the business [Name, Address, Business Phone, and Website/Social Media Addresses]
  • Be 100 words or less; submissions over 100 words will be edited at the Village’s discretion
  • One logo, flyer or other image may be submitted. Any image or flyer must be legible when printed at 4 inches wide
  • All submissions shall be sent to:
  • Deadline for business deal submissions is the 20th of each month for posting in the following month's E-newsletter

Items may not post in the Business Deals E-newsletter for a variety of reasons, including misdirected email, incomplete submissions or those received after the deadline. Refer to the complete submission rules for more details and for submission priority classifications.