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Chicago Executive Airport Backs Off Runway Expansion

Post Date:03/08/2019 4:41 PM


Chicago Executive Airport today announced the elimination of consideration of runway expansion beyond current airport boundaries as part of the master planning process. While the master plan update remains ongoing, runway options beyond current boundaries are no longer being considered.

The airport’s master plan, which is similar to a municipality’s comprehensive plan, evaluates the current and anticipated needs of airport users and stakeholders in order to determine what improvements are necessary and appropriate over a planning horizon that spans the next twenty-plus years. The process includes analysis of several factors that the airport must consider in order to operate successfully, including existing conditions, changing technologies, economic and regulatory trends, environmental concerns, demand and capacity for airport services, and the financial feasibility of any alternatives it might choose to explore. The update is a requirement by the Federal Aviation Administration, which provides substantial financial support for the airport’s operations and infrastructure. The last update to the airport’s master plan occurred in 1986. The study is designed to begin with unconstrained ideas about potential changes at the airport. Those options are then evaluated by engineers, airport tenants, interested agencies and organizations, the owner municipalities, and all interested citizens.

“During the update process, the airport’s outreach to the public and its transparent presentation of options has given some residents of Wheeling and Prospect Heights the incorrect impression that the airport’s only plan is to extend its runways beyond its current boundaries. This is not the case,” said Court Harris, Chairman of Chicago Executive Airport. “This study considers a wide assortment of scenarios for possible changes to the airport’s layout and operations, which are analyzed in order to get the maximum value from the update and to achieve a result that will provide a vision for the coming decades.”

“The airport leadership team is committed to the successful completion of the master plan and remains excited about exploring options for maximizing capacity to serve its users with greater effectiveness and efficiency, including reconfiguration of runways within the physical footprint of the airport,” said Jamie Abbott, Executive Director of Chicago Executive Airport.

As part of the master plan’s stakeholder involvement plan (SIP), the airport continues to seek public input and feedback. The next master plan open house to update citizens is July 11, 2019 at the Ramada Plaza, 1090 S. Milwaukee Ave, Wheeling, IL, time to be determined.


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