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Village Seeks Resident Input with Diversity Engagement Survey

Post Date:12/01/2017 2:07 PM

 The Village of Mount Prospect is seeking residents’ input in order to evaluate the diversity of the community and how effectively the Village engages its various populations. In 2016, the Village Board made the development of a diverse community outreach strategy a top priority in the Strategic Plan. Census data show that 31% of Mount Prospect’s population is foreign born, and 36% of the population speaks a language other than English at home. 

The current outreach effort began in 2016, as the Village engaged community stakeholders including schools, library, park districts and religious organizations to solicit their input on how the Village can better engage with and serve its residents. Conducting the survey is the second step in this outreach effort, and the same stakeholders are assisting the Village in getting the word out to their populations about the survey.

The survey is available online. Paper copies with postage paid return envelopes are also available at Village Hall, the Police Department, the Community Connections Center and the Mount Prospect Public Library. The survey is available in four languages – English, Spanish, Polish and Korean.

“The survey is just one piece of an ongoing initiative to determine how we can better reach all of the residents of Mount Prospect,” said Julie Kane, Director of the Village’s Human Services Department, which is coordinating the survey effort. “We have a very diverse population in terms of language, culture, race, religion and physical ability. Involving everyone in our community offers a unique opportunity for acceptance and prosperity.”

The Village’s purpose in collecting this information is to:
• Determine the needs in our community;
• Develop ways to improve access to services;
• Understand how cultural differences influence learning and communication;
• Increase outreach to the community through partnerships and events;
• Determine what resources are needed to connect with all residents
• Broaden a sense of community; and
• Provide people opportunities to volunteer and serve our community.

Through its Strategic Plan initiatives, the Village continues to concentrate its efforts in housing diversification, public and social improvements, maintenance and infrastructure upgrades and effective business development and strategies. 

“Celebrating 100 years as a Village offers us a special moment in time to reflect and applaud our past achievements while also looking forward to our future goals and continued mission of supporting the Village motto – ‘Where Friendliness is a Way of Life,’” said Mayor Arlene Juracek. “The goal of the survey is to understand the needs of our community and how we can further strengthen inclusiveness in Mount Prospect, which is essential to our success.”

The survey is expected to be available through the end of December, but that time may be extended in order to obtain more participation. Staff hopes evaluate survey responses in early 2018, providing a report and developing an action plan for moving forward.

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